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Semiannual Convention 2023: Metabolic Disorders, Bone Health & Beyond

Presentations with audio

Thyroid Cases Workshop (San Juan)

Presentations with audio

Improving Awareness of Endocrine Disorders (December 2022)

Presentations with audio

Semiannual Convention 2022

Presentations with audio

Thyroid Postgraduate Diabetes Course & Romulo Ayuso’s Memorial Lecture in Thyroid Cancer

Presentations with audio

Transitions of Care in Endocrinology Across the Lifetime

Presentations with audio

9th SPED Endocrine Clinical Update

Presentations with audio

100 Years of Insulin Therapy: A Long Successful Path

Insulin History Centenial Celebration SPED 2021-Nov Baco

Insulin Short Intermediate and Long Acting SPED 2021-Nov De Jesus

Insulin Analogs SPED 2021-Nov Garcia Mateo

Insulin Initiation and Adjusting in Type 2 SPED 2021-Nov Mangual

Insulin Initiation and Adjusting in Type 1 SPED 2021-Nov Hirsch

New Technologies SPED 2021-Nov Allende

When is the use of insulin mandatory DKA HHNS CKD Pregnancy 2021-Nov Jimenez

Insulin Administration Devices SPED 2021-Nov Leyva


Update in the Management of Endocrine Disorders (May 2021)

Diabetes Combination Therapies in Type 2 DM L Hernandez-Davila 2021-05

Diabetes Type 2 in Children and Adolescents M Ruiz-Montilla 2021-05

Osteoporosis in Patients with CKD V Rabell 2021-05

Pituitary Dysfunction after Traumatic Brain Injury A Martino 2021-05

SARS CoV-2 Expression on the Endocrine System P Jeffs 2021-05

Thyroid New Treatment for Advanced Thyroid Cancer M Cabanillas 2021-05


A Multidisciplinary Approach to the Evaluation and Management of Thyroid Lesion (March 2021)

Sonographic Criteria for the Evaluation and Managment of Thyroid Nodules (A Gonzalez) 2021-03

Cytopathological and Molecular Testing in Thyroid Nodules (V Carlo) 2021-03

Lobectomy vs Total Thyroidectomy in the Management of Thyroid Neoplasia (W Mendez) 2021-03

Risk Stratification in the Management of Differentiated Thyroid CA (M Mangual) 2021-03


Semiannual Convention, Martínez de Andino’s Memorial Lecture & Manuel Paniagua’s Post Graduate Diabetes Course (December 2020)

Precocious Puberty: Signaling and Diagnostic Challenges F Nieves December 2020

Diabetes Prevention Diagnosis and Management M Gutierrez 2020-12 (1)

Obesity Prevention and Management M Alvarado 2020-12 (1)

Adrenal Insufficiency and Fatigue L Gonzalez 2020-12 (1)

Adrenal Primary Hyperaldosteronism A Vaidya 2020-12

Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring CGM Case Based F Baco 2020-12

Diabetes Update in Insulin Therapies M Ramirez 2020-12 v02

Diabetes Automated Insulin Delivery in Type 1 J McVean

Diabetes Use of Technology in T2DM Debate-Yes (not available)

Diabetes Use of Technology in T2DM Debate-No Y Agosto 2020-12 (1)

Diabetes Use of BeAM and AGP to Determine Anti-Glycemic Therapy Zisman (1)

Diabetes SGLT2i vs GLP1 When and To Whom J Garcia-mateo 2020-12


Thyroid Postgraduate Course, Diabetes & Romulo Ayuso’s Memorial Lecture in Thyroid Cancer (Virtual via Zoom platform), August 2020

Diabetes Postprandial Glucose in DM Mercado, S

Thyroid Hormone Suppression Therapy in Thyroid Cancer Oero, J

SGLT-2 Inhibitor and Heart Failure Part 1 Rodriugez-Opsina, L

SGLT-2 Inhibitor and Heart Failure Part 2 Jimenez, H

Radiation Therapy for Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma, Benefits and Consequences Alvarez, A

Thyroid Chemotherapy of Advanced Thyroid Cancer Fagin, J


Recurrent Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma, February 2020

Event Presentation by Dr Gharib 2020-March


January 2020

Lipids Case Panel 2020-Jan

Lipids Effect of Thyroid Hormones – Sola Ernesto 2020-Jan

Lipids Familial Hypercholesterolemia – Mangual Michelle 2020-Jan

Lipids Guidelines – Martinez Meliza 2020-Jan

Lipids How Low the LDL Can go – Garcia Mateo J 2020-Jan

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – Roasao Barbara 2020-Jan

Diabetes Glycemic Control in the Inpatient Setting – Pasquel Francisco 2020-Jan

Diabetes Inectables Therapies for Diabetes Management – Alcantara A 2020-Jan

Diabetes SGLT-T2 Inhibitos and Cardiorenal Outcomes – Sierra Marielly 2020-Jan


8th SPED/AACE Endocrine Clinical Update, December 2019

Diabetes Renal Disease A Comulada 2019-12

Diabetes Management in the Elderly J Garcia-Mateo 2019-12

Diabetes Drugs and CardioVasc Outcome P Mora 2019-12

Diabetes and CHF M Martinez 2019-12

Adrenal Tumors F Baco 2019-12

Weight Loss Diet Interventions M Ramirez 2019-12

Transitioning from a Pediatric to an Adult Endocrinologist C Leyva 2019-12

Transition Pts On GH F Nieves 2019-12

Transgender De Jesus 2019-12

Thyroid Nodules M Lupo 2019-12

Parathyroid Hormone Novel Uses Nonsurgical management PHPT A Maritno 2019-12

Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors A Gonzalez 2019-12

Osteoporosis Uptake V Rabell 2019-12

Obesity Microbiome Y Pagan 2019-12

Neuroendocrine tumors A Alcantara 2019-12

Hypopituitarism Update K Miller 2019-12

Hyponatremia L Hernandez 2019-12

Hyperandrogenemia M Ruiz 2019-12

Diabetes Type 2 Update M Allende 2019-12

Diabetes Type 1 Prvention S Webber 2019-12


Highlights from 2019 Endocrine Meetings

ADA Part 1 Declare Credence and Rewind Trials by Angel Comulada

ADA Part 2 Carmelina Carolina Pioner trials by M Allende

Endo 2019 Highlights by Harry Jimenez

National Lipids Assoc 2019 Highlights by J Garcia-Mateo

Obesity Update AACE 2019 by M Alvarado


Symposium on Cardiometabolic Risk in Type 2 Diabetes
June 2019

Coronary Artery Disease in Diabetes by Karol Sanchez

Hypertension in Diabetes by Paula Jeffs 

Chronic Kidney Disease in Diabetes by Kyrmarie Davila

Dyslipidemia in Diabetes by Karen Torres

Heart Failure in Diabetes by Gabriel Irizarry

CardioVascular Outcomes Trial in Diabetes by Yanerys Agosto


Diabetes, Drugs and Endocrinopathies: Semiannual Convention
May 2019

Check Point Inhibitors Endocrinopathies Best Conor

Bone Health Calcium Vit D and Others by Dalitza Alvarez

Thyroid Nodules Ultrasound for Endos by Wilma Rodriguez

Thyroid Nodules by M Feliciano

Thyroid Eye Disease by Julio Rodriguez

Testosterone Treatment and the Heart by Jorge Rohena

Opioid Endocrinopathies by Ernesto Sola

Obesity in Children Adolescence and Beyond by Viviana Sanchez

Hypertriglyceridemia by Alex Gonzalez

Diabetes Debate A1C Less than 8 YES by Rodriguez-Vigil

Diabetes Debate A1C Less than 8 NO by Mariela Nieves

Diabetes Continuous Glucose Monitoring by Myriam Allende


Puerto Rican Endocrinology and Diabetes Society Meeting
May 2017

Approach to Achieve Glycemic Goals
by: Aurora Alcantara, MD

Basal Insulin and GLP-1 Combinatrion
by: Michelle M. Mangual, MD

Transgender Gender Dysphoria J De Jesus
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

Hypopituitarism Guidelines in Adults 2017-05
by: Leticia Hernández Dávila, MD

Concerns and Safety DM Medications 2017-05
by: Luis Raúl Ruiz Rivera, MD, FACE

Basal Insulin (May 2017)
by: Oscar L. Ruiz Bermúdez, MD

Appropriate Use of Antibiotics – Clinical Vignettes (May 2017)
by: Sonia Saavedra, MD, PhD and José J. Gutiérrez-Nuñez, MD, FACP

Hormonal Therapy of the Transgender
by: Alejandro Martinó, MD

Thyroid and Cardiovascular System
by: Ramon Ortiz Carrasquillo MD,FACP,FACE


Up to Date in Clinical Endocrinology: a SPED Convention
April 2016

Diabetes Challenges to optimal therapy: Selecting the Right Anti-Glycemic
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

Critical Review of the Endocrine Society Guideline on Adrenal Insufficiency
by: Michelle M. Mangual, MD

Cardiovascular Risk Assesment and Management in Diabetics for the Practicing Physician
by: José M. García Mateo, MD, FACE

Management of Blood Glucose with non-Insulin therapies in DM Type 2
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

2014 Recommendations for the follow up of Patients with Differencial Thyoid Carcinoma
by: Vilma M. Rabell-Vilches MD, FACE

Thyroid Nodule ATA 2015 Guidelines
by: Francis P. Baco, MD, FACP, FACE

Transitioning from a Pediatric to an Adult Endocrinologist
by: Carlos A. Leyva Jordán, MD

Harmonizing the ADA, AACE and other Guidelines in the Treatment of the Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
by: Angel L. Comulada, MD, FACE


SPED Semiannual Convention
May 2015

Long Term Outcomes of Growth Hormone Treatment In Childhood
by: Francisco Nieves-Rivera, MD