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May 2015

Long Term Outcomes of Growth Hormone Treatment In Childhood
by: Francisco Nieves-Rivera, MD

April 2016

Diabetes Challenges to optimal therapy: Selecting the Right Anti-Glycemic
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

Critical Review of the Endocrine Society Guideline on Adrenal Insufficiency
by: Michelle M. Mangual, MD

Cardiovascular Risk Assesment and Management in Diabetics for the Practicing Physician
by: José M. García Mateo, MD, FACE

Management of Blood Glucose with non-Insulin therapies in DM Type 2
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

2014 Recommendations for the follow up of Patients with Differencial Thyoid Carcinoma
by: Vilma M. Rabell-Vilches MD, FACE

Thyroid Nodule ATA 2015 Guidelines
by: Francis P. Baco, MD, FACP, FACE

Transitioning from a Pediatric to an Adult Endocrinologist
by: Carlos A. Leyva Jordán, MD

Harmonizing the ADA, AACE and other Guidelines in the Treatment of the Patient with Diabetes Mellitus
by: Angel L. Comulada, MD, FACE

May 2017

Approach to Achieve Glycemic Goals
by: Aurora Alcantara, MD

Basal Insulin and GLP-1 Combinatrion
by: Michelle M. Mangual, MD

Transgender Gender Dysphoria J De Jesus
by: Jorge De Jesús, MD, FACE

Hypopituitarism Guidelines in Adults 2017-05
by: Leticia Hernández Dávila, MD

Concerns and Safety DM Medications 2017-05
by: Luis Raúl Ruiz Rivera, MD, FACE

Basal Insulin (May 2017)
by: Oscar L. Ruiz Bermúdez, MD

Appropriate Use of Antibiotics – Clinical Vignettes (May 2017)
by: Sonia Saavedra, MD, PhD and José J. Gutiérrez-Nuñez, MD, FACP

Hormonal Therapy of the Transgender
by: Alejandro Martinó, MD

Thyroid and Cardiovascular System
by: Ramon Ortiz Carrasquillo MD,FACP,FACE